I feel the urgency to write about the need for developing exponential organisations as part of an answer to the crises we are facing. SARS-CoV-2, earth warming, CO2 and NOx emissions, increasing rate of the extinction of species, these are some of the exponents we see emerging from a system where competition and endless growth are values and individualism and egoism triumph.

Exponential organisations are the unicorns for a new way of structuring our society. They require rethinking of what we believe in, what we want to achieve and how we want to hand over our planet to next generations.

We are at a turning point in history and shall use the momentum created in these months to find our way into new directions.

Arndt Pechstein has described this in an abolute phantastic article, which you find below. Read it!

I am thrilled by the impact this new understanding and approach shall have and can’t wait to become part of the transition.

Along with becoming a certified ExO consultant and coach within short, I offer you to support you and your business transformation. Become more adaptable, more resilient, more succesful and more responsible with your business! No matter if you are a start-up, and SME or manager of a company or BU. If you are as excited and serious about this as I am, please contact me through this link.


10x your Crisis Response & Adapt to Disruption Faster

  • Published on March 24, 2020

Dr. Arndt Pechstein

Founder: phi360 innovation | Agile Coach, Management Consultant | TEDx & Keynote Speaker | Biomimicry Expert | ExO Coach

Trying something new in 2019!

(from a post by Richard Branson, but so true!0

It can be really easy to get comfortable in life and to only do things inside your comfort zone. You’re unlikely to get hurt here, you might get really good at doing the one thing you know you can do, and your expectations are likely to be in line with what goes on around you so you’re not disappointed.

But the magic doesn’t happen here. I can honestly say that nothing good in my life has ever happened from the safety of my comfort zone. It’s all those moments where you feel challenged, where you think ‘Oh crap, maybe this wasn’t such a good idea’ and then ponder giving up – if you can get through this stage of doubt and make it out the other side – I promise you, this is where the good stuff happens.

If life is starting to feel a bit samey and there’s a bit too much routine – try something new. This is the perfect time to start. It’s a New Year, a fresh slate, a chance to change it up.


Everything that has happened over the past two decades has happened outside my comfort zone – and it’s been an incredible journey.

 Here are my top tips for trying new things:

  1. Don’t be afraid. Fear stops people from doing so many things. Don’t be afraid to talk to people you don’t know, or try a new skill. They are probably just as nervous inside, and if you make the effort, people will often surprise you with a warm welcome. Anything feels a little odd the first few times you do it – but the more strangers you meet and talk to, the more comfortable you will start to feel (or like me, you’ll find ways to laugh it off!).
  2. If you’re not sure what you fancy trying, start small. There will be many options on your doorstep. Go to a library – check out a cookbook and try making a few recipes, or loan a book in a genre you would never normally read. Try volunteering – even a few hours of your time can really help someone else and you might learn something new in the process. Try a new sport or even go for a walk in a new location. Get back in contact with someone who has drifted away. We all lead busy lives and it’s easy for friendships to drift apart. Check in with someone who you haven’t spoken to for a while and suggest going somewhere you’ve never been to before.
  3. Keep a journal. I’m a big believer of writing things down. When you try something new, write it down. What did you like about it/dislike about it? Did it spawn any other ideas? Build on these. Make lists of things you would like to try and tick them off as you go.
  4. Persevere. Don’t give up on something straight away – it’s rare that people are good at something the first time they try it. When I tried to surf with Sam on his gap year, I fell over more times than I can count. It’s tough work swimming out to big waves and using a lot of energy to just fall over, time and time again. But eventually you stand up, and what a feeling! The feeling of achievement is so worth the feeling silly as you learn.

I hope these tips from Richard Branson have inspired you as well to get out there and try something new –  Please leave your reaction and inspiring stories in the comments.

If you like to get inspired, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Let’s get together, take a cup of coffee and decide how we are going to make 2019 the best year ever!