While many of us are struggling to stay in business and are forced to “sit down and wait till it’s over”, I remember ca 15 years ago when I found myself in a similar situation. To a lesser extend it happened again with 9-11 and with the bank-crisis. But also the tsunami that hit Thailand, the nuclear disaster in Tsjernobyl and later in Fukushima, the flooding of New Orleans, hurricanes in the pacific and the Bengal area, etc. Sometimes a personal crisis leads us to a point of reflection, sometimes big disasters call upon us.


We are NOW on such a reflection point. Because of the slow down in many sectors of our lives, NOW is time to rethink your business, your position, your ambition, your “raison d’être”.


What became clear in the last few years is not only that there is a lot of change, but that the pace of changes in the world is increasing and new phenomena surface that circumvent existing structures. You may call this disruption.


Disruption (and in fact all change) inflicts immediately an immune response. Still the disruption sooner or later will siege.


I found this quite frightening until I understood that there is a natural way of coping, which feels good and proved very effective: embracing!

Effectively embracing however requires a more than seeing en cuddling: it requires

  • a fundamental understanding what are the causes and processes supporting the disruption
  • selecting your role in alignment with your personal and company/institute mission
  • developing new strategies and plans
  • become a player in and/or with the disruption


This journey can be frightening in the beginning, but as you get more insight, you will grow in confidence. Ultimately it makes you (and your organisation) prone to agility and change and creates success and fun. Success does not mean surviving but exponential growth.


The mechanisms behind exponential growth have been researched and described by @SalimIsmael (see the book Exponential Organizations) and together with @FranciscoPalao and @MichelleLapierre (see the book Exponential Transformation).

They also created a framework for becoming an exponential organization which may help you NOW to prepare for the future.


While society and businesses have come to a slow-down or standstill, it is your time to embark on this journey. You should be afraid, and courageous to still take this step. Be disruptive or disrupted. The choice is yours.

Please rest assured that you will be well guided and will find an extensive worldwide community to support you.


If you are willing -not necessarily ready- to take on this journey, please let me know through this link.